What Ensures A Really Outstanding Shiatsu Massage Chair

What Ensures A Outstanding Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu massage chairs have been created to resemble manual massage techniques by amalgamating the benefits of shiatsu massage into an easy-to-use set. A shiatsu massage chair is a marvelous companion and addition to your home and is highly productive in treating digestive difficulties, headaches, and back pain problems.


About Shiatsu Massage Chair

The market is full of shiatsu massage chairs. Not only will you find several models, but also styles and designs, each outpacing the other to attract you! Manufacturers of shiatsu massage chairs are now, more than ever, advertising their product line as the stress and tension-related diseases are gaining momentum. Shiatsu chairs offer you plenty of health and wellness benefits. Besides this, shiatsu massage chairs help you feel fit and well and promote a new and improved sense of overall well-being.


Technology Behind Shiatsu Massage Chair

As mentioned earlier, the shiatsu massage technique has its roots in the ancient principles practiced in China to balance the energy centers of the human body and remove any blockage that may affect it from functioning correctly. Body aches and pains are the blockages that lead to low energy levels due to disturbed sleep patterns, fatigue, and even muscle pain.

Traditional shiatsu massage helps to remove the blockages and restore the flow of energy within the body. It aims to improve the energy flow and promote relaxation and restful sleep. The principles of shiatsu massage have now been applied to design the shiatsu massage chair that can help you to benefit from the many long-term advantages of this technique in the comfort of your home or office.


Health Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Chair

There are plenty of health benefits of using a Shiatsu Massage Chair, and some of the more common health benefits are:

1. Deep tissue massage for deep relaxation
2. Stress reduction and better blood flow
3. Relief from muscle stiffness and tensions
4. Reduced rate of muscle spasm
5. Better joint flexibility
6. Increased range of motion
7. Better flexibility and ease of movement
8. Deeper and better breathing
9. Enhanced blood circulation
10. Lower blood pressure
11. Alleviation of headache, backache and eyestrain
12. Quicker recovering from a muscle pull or a ligament sprain


Features Of A Shiatsu Massage Chair

Some top manufacturers of Shiatsu massage chairs are Panasonic, Sanyo, Berkline, Vitalcare, and Homedics. Each of these companies has a wide range of shiatsu massage chairs, and every chair is designed using ergonomics to ensure it is comfortable for all human shapes and sizes.

There are different features in different models, depending on the brand. Shiatsu massage chair comes with heat and memory foam, with or without cuffs for the legs, arms, feet, etc. Let’s look at some of the most common features in shiatsu massage chairs.

* Reclining back
* Different colors
* Rollers for back and leg massage
* Duration of warranty
* Cuffs for arms, legs, and feet
* Heater
* Memory foam
* Tapping, rolling, and kneading options
* Life of the Motor
* Material of the Chair

Some shiatsu massage chairs also have unique cushions that help balance your body and provide comfort. Some shiatsu massage chairs also come with helpful extra features like remote controls, timers, etc., that help you customize the massage based on your choice.

Since the health and wellness benefits of shiatsu massage chairs are similar to experiencing a shiatsu massage by hand, these chairs have become very popular and an intrinsic part of most households in America.