Motion Sickness

motion sickEver since I can remember I have suffered with motion sickness. I can ride in the front seat of a car and still get really sick. I don’t usually get sick when Kathy drives because by the time I start feeling bad, we are at our destination.

Kathy and I went on our first cruise a few years ago and I didn’t know what to expect. Could I handle the trip? Am I going to have to live on Dramamine? Where are those patches?

We got to the ship a little early so Kathy and I took advantage of the cafeteria. Wow, this was great. I’m eating and eating and no motion sickness. This was going to be a breeze. And then the ship pulled out of port. I was done for. I thought maybe I could get away with not having to take anything. Oh, was I wrong.

I spent the first day, up until midnight, hanging around with Ralph and Earl in my cabin. Now these gentlemen aren’t real people, they are your “sick” companions as you hang over the toilet.

After I got better, I did pretty good for the rest of the cruise until we visited a port and Kathy decided it would be good to take a banana boat trip. That didn’t sound too bad to me. Taking a little trip on a boat shaped like a banana around the island would be cool. But that’s not what banana boats do. This trip was to go around the cruise ship that was docked in 6000 feet of black water filled with sea monsters. I’d watched enough scary movies to know what lives in water that deep. Giant octopus, great white sharks, Godzilla. My imagination was in high gear.

The guy pulling the banana boat said if you want to go faster give me the thumbs up, if you want to go slower the thumbs down. Before I could do anything, Kathy had her thumb up. Earlier I was told to avoid falling out of the boat I needed to lean into the center of it. I want you to know I leaned the whole trip. Kathy and our friend Steven Allen fell in once and laughed (not Steven) about it. I just wanted to go home.

What lies beneath the darkness of this world. Scripture says that Satan is the prince of this world so there are some very scary things out there. If we could see the monsters of sin that are awaiting us we would probably live in church. The monster of drugs, alcohol, porn, abuse and much, much more. But thank God for the promise of “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”

As the battle rages,
Pastor Gary


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