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8. Fibre: This is an excellent nutrient for weight loss and decreases digestion, hence, allowing sustained energy and stable blood sugar. Fibre may also discharge human hormones released during digestive function which is in charge of craving for food and satiety.. Add These Super Nutrients To Your Everyday Diet & Rev Up Your Metabolism You may be sick and tired of thinking of the type of foods you’ll want to help to increase your diet to be able to lose weight.Watermelon Watermelon contains necessary proteins which help to lessen blood circulation pressure amounts in the torso. In addition, it increases nitric oxide creation in the torso, which in turn causes the arteries to unwind, lowers swelling and assists decrease blood circulation pressure. 10. Nuts Nuts are healthier options with regards to keeping your center healthy. Almonds will be the best choice because they’re abundant with monounsaturated fats, supplement E, fibre and proteins.